WoW Post-BfA Recap

WoW Post-BfA Recap

This recap is dedicated to those who quit WoW sometime during Battle for Azeroth. Here we have gathered all the major changes and new features/content beginning with patch 8.1 you need to know heading into the Shadowlands.

Systems And Features

Auction House

The AH has undergone a major revamp, both in UI and functionality. You no longer need to list by stacks or a specific amount, nor do you have to undercut others. Simply select an already listed price and add your items to that. The latest additions are the first to sell.

Mount Equipment

Special abilities have been decoupled from mounts. For example, the Water Striders from Pandaria no longer walk on water by default. Instead there is a new Mount Equipment slot in the in the mount collection tab where you can customize any active mount with extra perks. These perks include water walking and gathering without dismounting.

mount equipment

As for how to obtain the equipment, they mostly come from the same sources as before – for the water walking perk you still need to grind reputation with the Anglers.

The list of all available mount equipment can be found here.


Portal Room

Navigating old content just became easier! Both faction capitals now have their very own portal rooms providing easy access to major hubs of every expansion as well as other the cities of their faction.


The pathfinder requirements for flying in WoD and Legion areas have been retired. Pathfinder now only increases your mount speed in those expansions.

You still however need pathfinder achievements to fly in BfA zones.

Mount Skills

With the level squish, riding requirements have also been adjusted and reworked:

  • Level 10 – apprentice riding (ground, 60% movement speed boost).
  • Level 20 – journeyman riding (ground, 100% movement speed boost).
  • Level 30 – expert riding (flying, 150% movement speed boost).
  • Level 40 – master riding (flying, 310% movement speed boost).

Unlike class skills, you still have to visit a riding trainer in a city to learn new ranks of riding skills.


First Aid is gone, making it the first profession ever to be fully removed from WoW. Bandages are now rolled into Tailoring while all the other recipes became part of Alchemy.

Allied Races

Several new allied races were added in BfA. Unlocking them no longer requires exalted reputation, but you still have to do associated quest chains and achievements.

Alliance: Dark Iron Dwarf, Kul’Tiran Human, Mechagnome
Horde: Mag’har Orc, Zandalari Troll, Vulpera

Heritage Armor

In addition to allied races having their unique gear sets themed after their people, some of the old races have also received heritage sets as an ongoing project. These are: 

  • Dwarf, Gnome, Worgen for Alliance.
  • Blood Elf, Goblin, Tauren for Horde.

Weekly Chests

Instead of being completely random, players in Shadowlands will now have more control over what items they’ll be getting from their weekly chest.



Warlords of Draenor is now part of the Timewalking rotation and comes with two brand new mounts that can be purchased with TW tokens. A few old raids have also made a comeback for their respective weeks, including Ulduar.

Bonus Rolls

There won’t be a bonus roll feature in Shadowlands content.


An unprecedented level/stat squish has happened in the Shadowlands prepatch. 50 is the new max level, soon to be raised to 60 in the new expansion. Item levels have been adjusted to fit the squished numbers.

Party Sync

Ever experienced being on a different part in the leveling process than a friend of yours? Already did the quests in a zone, but your friend is just starting out? With party sync, higher level players can now join their lowbie friends and replay content they’ve already done, while gaining credit for quests all over again! This enables both of you to progress together.


Heirlooms have been reworked. They went from each piece of armor and ring increasing experience gained by a small amount, to using a tier bonus system. The XP bonus has been completely eliminated, the closest thing we have now is a passive effect which makes rested XP last longer.

Every piece of heirloom armor, necklace and ring contributes to the completion of the set bonus. Weapons and trinkets on the other hand don’t.

Exile’s Reach

This is a new level 1-10 zone that’s supposed to be the universal tutorial for all new players, regardless of race. It goes by fast (about an hour) but teaches many of the fundamental concepts a WoW player has to know in the current era (vehicle combat, boss mechanics, LFD, etc.).

When you creat a new character, you’ll have the option to choose between your regular starting zone and Exile’s Reach.

Chromie Time

It’s now possible to select a single expansion and level up there all the way fom 10 to 50. This should make leveling more of a coherent experience, and potentially very different for every new character you create.

To begin, seek out Chromie in your faction capital. She’s located near the Embassy in Stormwind for Alliance and Orgrimmar for Horde players. Look for the hourglass icon on your map.

Your character must be level 10 or higher to access this feature.



40v40 battlegrounds now have their own random BG queue under the name of Epic Battlegrounds, separate from regular BGs. Currently available ones are Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest, Wintergrasp and Ashran.

Strand of the Ancients is no longer in the game.

PvP Vendors

The PvP vendors are coming back from the dead for Shadowlands and so is Honor as a currency.

PvP Trinket

The traditional PvP trinket that’s used to break any form of CC makes a return as the anti-CC slot is getting removed from the PvP talent window.

The trinket is available for purchase from Honor and Conquest vendors.


Recruit A Friend Revamp

Everyone has their own referal link they can use to recruits their friends to try WoW. In the new RAF system when you successfully recruit someone, both of you gain 50% bonus experience as long as you’re in the same group and within 100 yards. You’ll also unlock a hearthstone-like feature that allows you to teleport to each other’s location (this is on a 30 minute CD).

For every month of gametime one of your recruits add, you’ll gain a special reward – including mounts and skins! The rewards cap out at 12 months.

BfA Specific

Corrupted gear

Corruption on gear has been deactivated.