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WoW Returning Player Recaps Are Up

Expansion based recaps for Retail WoW are finally finished! Recap selection panel here.

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Each recap goes from patch x.1 of the expansion up to present day, listing only the things that are relevant to players who quit during or after the specific expansion. E.g. if you quit in Cataclysm, you want the Cataclysm recap. If you never played retail but know Classic, the Vanilla recap is what you’re looking for.

Why not x.0? Because we assume that if you played an expansion at any point, you are aware of the core features of it (such as Achievements in WotLK). Of course that’s only the starting point, a WotLK recap going from 3.1 will include Cataclysm 4.0 and everything else.

Vanilla/Classic is an exception, that one goes from 2.0. which should cover everything added or changed after Naxxramas.

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