New WoW Guide: Classic TBC Heirlooms

The Burning Crusade Classic is just around the corner! Our most recent guide is dedicated to those who wish to give their brand new alts a headstart.. and some OP gear/consumables. The guide can be found here: Shaman and Paladin heirloom guide So what’s this about? We’ve gathered a bunch of non-binding gear which can...

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WoW Returning Player Recaps Are Up

Expansion based recaps for Retail WoW are finally finished! Recap selection panel here. Quick navigation: Vanilla and Classic The Burning Crusade Wrath of the Lich King Cataclysm Mists of Pandaria Warlords of Draenor Legion Battle for Azeroth Methodology Each recap goes from patch x.1 of the expansion up to present day, listing only the things...

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GW2 Expansion Purchasing Help

We’ve updated our GW2 purchase guide. The following link should help you decide which GW2 expansion, edition, and Living World releases you need to buy for a full experience: GW2 purchasing help.

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New GW2 Gold Making Guide: Account Currencies

A new GW2 guide is now available on this link. Our goal was to compile the best methods for converting account-bound currencies into something players can sell on the Trading Post for gold. This guide features more than 20 currencies and two dozen gold making methods.

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Best GW2 Crafting Spots And Free VIP Pass Alternatives

VIP Passes are a wonderful thing, they make it easier to access important services such as crafting stations or the trading post in one place. However they aren’t free and the permanent versions aren’t always available in the store, so in this guide we have gathered some suitable (and free) alternatives. These aren’t perfect replacements...

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gw2 icebrood saga recap

Icebrood Saga recap is ready

The final set of GW2 recaps going up before the new expansion is now ready for use. Given that the saga is still ongoing, this is going to be a short one. Regardless, this should help out those who took a short break and wish to know which of the promised features have made it in so far.

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gw2 where to park your alts

Best place to park GW2 alts in 2020

In our newest Guild Wars 2 guide we’ve collected the best spots for parking alts that are still relevant in 2020. Find out how to make gold just by logging in for a minute! While the viability of these farms no doubt went down in the last few years, parking level 80 alts at these...

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GW2 leveling tips top

GW2 leveling and endgame guides are up!

Two brand new Guild Wars 2 guides are finished. The leveling guide should help new players get started and contains general guidelines. We go over cheap XP boosts, useful service hubs, crafting and more. Then we have the fresh endgame guide to flesh out the new player experience. This one is for those who have...

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