gw2 returning player directory

Guild Wars 2 Returning Player Directory

This page is dedicated to returning GW2 players who are looking to get back into the game in 2021. After selecting a major release listed below you’ll receive a quick recap of changes and new content tailored to your prior knowledge of the game. Find out what’s new and what’s changed!

Up to date as of Icebrood Saga Champions Chapter 4: Judgment, which is the final entry in the Icebrood Saga.

Original / Vanilla

Our largest recap, starting from the game's 2012 launch.

Heart of Thorns

The HoT recap begins shortly after the expansion's 2015 launch.

Path of Fire

All the content and major features added following PoF's 2017 release.

GW2 Iceblood Saga Recap

Icebrood Saga

Discover the most recent additions to GW2 from 2019 to present day.