Recommended Gem Store Purchases

Trying to decide what to buy from the ingame store in GW2? Here we have gathered the best items sold in the gem store and organized them based on how useful they are. This should help you get the most value out of your gems.

It’s important to point out however that there’s nothing in the gem store that’d provide combat benefits over other players. What they sell is convenience and style, but some of the convenience features are nothing short of gamechanging. Don’t worry, you can still get the full experience without whipping out your wallet, but if you’re willing to spend some gems then there’re certainly a couple of items that are more than worth the money.


Not all store items are created equal, and some are tiers above the rest. Items in the must have category will make your life way easier going forward.

Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic

You’ll be doing a lot of salvaging in Tyria, and most kits only have 25 charges – that goes by in one session sometimes.

The Copper-Fed on the other hand has infinite charges, with this you’ll never have to go to a merchant to buy ordinary kits ever again! Not to mention the bag space you save from only having to carry one kit with you.

Recommended infinite salvage kit

What it does is consume a couple of copper coins from your account wallet (coins, not ore!) for each item salvaged. As long as you have any pocket money, this remains operational. There’s also a Silver-Fed version, but the copper one is more cost-effective. For high level rare and exotic gear we still recommend using a finite but better salvage kit, but this should do the trick for greens and blues.

Shared inventory slot on the gem store

Shared Inventory Slots

This goes hand-in-hand with the other items on the list. If you have any alts and don’t want to constantly put your most used items like the Salvage-o-Matic into the bank, place them in a shared slot instead.

Shared slots are like mobile bank slots that are accessible from the inventory of all your characters. They are rather pricey, but 1-3 slots should do the trick for most players.

Good But Not Crucial

Items listed below are still very useful to have, but aren’t as important as the ones above. As a new player these aren’t worth buying right off the bat, but you may want to keep an eye out for store discounts and grab these when they are on sale.

VIP Passes

There are a couple of restricted areas in the game that only people with the right pass may enter. What makes them special is how densely packed these are with useful services.

A VIP pass in GW2

Crafting stations, Trading Post, Black Lion merchants, armor repair, guild bank and more! All the things you’d have to travel across the city for will now be accessible in one convenient spot.

There are many different VIP areas like the Royal Terrace or Mistlock Sanctuary, they offer the same core services but there are some differences. For example the Mistlock pass has its own portal straight to the Fractals of the Mists while Armistice Bastion has WvW chat enabled and a free-for-all PvP arena.

It’s worth noting that not all passes are permanent, some only last 2 weeks. We recommend that you wait for a permanent pass to be available through the store and buy that instead of the 2 week passes (unless you have a lot of gems to spare). The official wiki has a list of all passes and their respective bonuses.

Create Your Own Pass

“If the VIP areas are so great, why aren’t they higher on the list?” – one may ask. Well, because you can create your own VIP area for free. Kind of. For more details check out our brief guide on the subject.

Bag Slots

Eventually most people reach the limits of their inventory and have to either transfer their goods to alts or leave them in the bank. If that’s not good enough or simply no longer an option, you’ll have to upgrade. 

Bag slot expansion in the gem store

These upgrades are on a per-character basis and allow you to equip one additional bag.

Bank tab expansion from the gem store

Bank Tabs

This is an account-wide upgrade that opens up another bank slot for you. There is a lot of room in a bank tab and it’s great for storing things that you don’t need to have easy access to while doing content (dye packs, recipes, level boost tomes and so forth).

Storage Expander

Similar to a bank tab, this is account-wide extra storage for your materials. Each storage expander increases the storage capacity for every material by 250, allowing you to store tens of thousands more materials.

A storage expander as seen in the store

Living World Packs

This is the odd one out on the list, being the only recommended purchase that isn’t a convenience feature. Living World Season Packs are bundles of content you may have missed inbetween expansions if you didn’t log in at the right time to unlock them.

gw2 living world pack

If you’re a PvE player looking for more story/open world content to do, achievements to hunt, special items to grab, then we definitely recommend these. While packs aren’t always available on the store, you can unlock chapters one by one in the story journal anytime. The two chapters we’d like to highlight are both in season 4:

  • Episode 3, War Eternal is required for unlocking the Roller Beetle, the fastest ground mount in the game.
  • Episode 6, Long Live the Lich is required for unlocking the Skyscale, a flying mount.

Honorable Mentions

Unbreakable gathering tools deserve a shoutout due to their immensely useful nature, but they didn’t make the list for a couple of reasons.

The biggest issue is the pricing. They are about as expensive as a Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, if not more. And that’s just one, you need a full set of 3 to get full value out of them (pick, sickle, axe). If you only have one or two unbreakable tools you’ll still have to visit the merchant to refill the third from time to time, so what’s the point?

Unlimited gathering tools in the gem store

They’re also not an account feature. Yes, they are account bound, but to transfer the tools you have to manually unequip them so even shared inventory slots don’t make the process that much more convenient for alts.

If you’ve bought everything else on this list and still have spare gems or it’s on sale, go for it, these really aren’t bad. Especially if you are committed to a main character. We just don’t think these are a better purchase for new players than the other items on the list.