gw2 recommended addons

Recommended Guild Wars 2 Addons

ArenaNet rarely approves addons for GW2, as the game was designed to provide a smooth user experience to all players without the use of any third party services. As a result a large part of the playerbase uses none. They are quick to shut down any addon that’d grant a serious advantage over other players who aren’t using them. 

There are a couple of them that are more than worth highlighting BUT REMEMBER! Even though we were careful in our selection process and made sure to only pick those that not only follow the rules, but are also popular and trusted by the community, ArenaNet might not officially approve of them. Use them at your own risk!

It’s also worth mentioning that some addons might break your game when a new patch drops. If that’s the case we recommend disabling them until the addons are updated. For more info on guidelines about what’s allowed and what isn’t, check out this thread on the official forum.


GW2 is based on the fairly old GW1 engine and uses DirectX9. This is a performance addon which enables the game to use DirectX12 instead, making it run better and more efficiently without changing any game files.

GitHub link


This is a convenience addon for handling your mounts. What it does is display the mount selection in a circle in the middle of your screen when toggled, making it easier to swap between them.

GitHub link

GW2 Radial Addon


Guild Wars 2 Tactical Overlay as the name implies is an overlay addon. It provides guidance by placing markers on your screen. The functionality of this addon ranges from telling you where to go next in jumping puzzles to keeping track of your weekly lockouts.

TacO site link


An addon used by a lot of highend PvE guilds to theorycraft builds, this is a simple DPS meter. If you want to find out how you’re doing on boss fights or just in general, this is the addon for you.

ArcDPS site link