Recap Of Changes Since The Icebrood Saga

An ideal starting point for returning players who quit Guild Wars 2 around 2019 – 2021. This guide provides a brief recap of all major changes and new content leading up to present day.

Up to date as of Icebrood Saga Episode 5 – Champions, Chapter 4: Judgment.

  • New Features
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • WvW

New Features

Build and gear templates

This long awaited feature finally made it in! Players can now swap their traits, skills, and gear with a single click. Well, two clicks to be precise, as gear and build templates are separate features.

Each character has 3 free build and 2 free equipment slots which should serve the more casual players just fine, while additional slots may be purchased through the gemstore.

Equipment slots are not just for convenience, they also store gear, removing it from your inventory even when not active!

Boon And Condition Reworks

Torment’s functionality has been reversed. This condition now deals extra damage to stationary foes and less damage to moving targets.

Retaliation is no more, Resolution took its place. Resolution works much like Protection, this boon reduces incoming condition damage by 33%.

Resistance now only works on debilitating conditions and doesn’t help with mitigating condition damage at all.


Instanced 10 man content

Raids have been more or less replaced by Strike MissionsStrikes are single boss encounters that are more beginner friendly than raids. Eye of the North now serves as a strike mission hub.

Instanced 5 man content

In preparation for the upcoming Canthan expansion, we’ve got a brand new location in the new setting. Sunqua Peak is a fractal with a challenge mode set at a mountain range of Shing Jea Island, few decades after the events of GW1.

Sunqua Peak Fractal Art


The Icebrood Saga has come to an end on April 27, 2021.

Currently we are waiting for ArenaNet’s livestream on July 27 to find out more about the future of GW2 and the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons. Find out more on this link.

Dragon Response Missions

DRMs are a new type of casual instanced content doable in party sizes of 1-5, accessible via the Asura Gate at the Eye of the North.

Underwater Skimmer

That’s right, with the help of a new mastery the Skimmer became the first underwater mount in GW2. To unlock it you must first max out all the other Skimmer masteries.


Swiss tournaments

Automated tournaments now use the Swiss format for the first matches of the tournaments. This means that you’re not out after your first loss, as teams get to play multiple rounds. The number of rounds is determined by how many teams have signed up. The finals stages of the tournament are still single elimination, causing your first defeat to end your run.

Miniseasons and new gamemodes

Miniseasons take place between Conquest seasons and are meant to spice things up by allowing people to compete for unique titles in new gamemodes such as 2v2 and 3v3. 

ranked arena miniseason

Legendary amulets

Two new legendaries are now obtainable through PvP. Both of them are amulets, making them some of the first ever legendary accessories in the entire game! These are called Transcendence and Slumbering Transcendence.

PvP gear

The PvP gear UI has been removed from the game. Instead you’ll be using the build and equipment template features to set both your PvE and PvP builds. There is a special toggle for PvP gear in the PvE equipment panel that lets you select an amulet (this contains nearly all your PvP stats) and your PvP runes/sigils.

sPvP is still all about even playing field, no PvE grind or unlocks required!

To read more about the PvP gear system, click here.


Legendary Rings

Two new legendaries are now obtainable through WvW, both of them are rings. These are some of the first legendary accessories in the entire game! The two rings are Conflux and Slumbering Conflux.


Still in development, no release date given.