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Best Places To Park Alts In Guild Wars 2

Do you have a bunch of characters gathering dust? Here you can learn how to get the most out of them with the least effort. All you need are a couple of level 80 characters to park at the right spots and you can start making gold just by logging in!

Before you pick a spot, plan out how much time and effort you’re going to dedicate to farming on alts. Choose what suits you best.

For example: on average one chest run on Desert Highlands is more lucrative than a round of Elder Wood gathering. However the chest farm can only be done once a day per character, while the wood can be gathered multiple times in the same window. If you’re only going to do this once, the chest farm is better.

Verdant Brink – Flax

This is almost at the exact spot where players set foot on the very first HoT map, hidden in the northeastern edge of Verdant Brink. Should be easy enough for alts to get here, but gliding is required. The cluster of flax nodes is at the very bottom of the map, deep underneath Jaka Itzel.
Waypoint chat code: [&BOAHAAA=]
Timegate: daily, per character

verdant brink flax farm

Draconis Mons – Flax

Why include a second flax farm? Well, this parking spot is a bit more profitable than Verdant Brink’s (has 2 more flax nodes), but also less accessible for alts and players who missed out on Season 3 of the Living World.

To get here, first you must unlock Episode 5 of Living World Season 3 called Flashpoint. After that that you’ll have the following options:

  • Complete the first story step on each of your alts.
  • Buy the portal scroll for 1,000 Unbound Magic, which saves time for alts but costs some map currency.
  • Use a teleport to friend item.

Once you’re on the map, you’ll have to go to the higher reaches until you discover the Heathen’s Hold waypoint (in future runs you can start from here). From there you’ll be gliding all the way to the Druid’s Grotto point of interest. Here’s a 1 minute video on how to do it.
Waypoint chat code: [&BM0JAAA=]
Timegate: daily, per character

Malchor’s Leap – Elder Wood

One of the oldest yet still viable farming spots in GW2, this takes place on the Orr map Malchor’s Leap and can even be done on F2P accounts. There is a statue of Melandru surrounded by Elder Wood saplings not far from the waypoint. If you are lucky, you may even find Orichalcum nodes nearby.
Waypoint chat code: [&BKYCAAA=]
Timegate: hourly, per character

malchor's leap elder wood farm

Crystal Oasis – Quartz

This is found in the southeastern corner of the map. What you’re looking for is a Rich Quartz node way up in the skies, north of Glint’s Legacy. Climb the stairs near the waypoint and go east till you find a ruined bridge. Jump over with your Raptor, then swap to Springer on the other side. Using the Springer, jump up to the Zephyrite road above.

quartz node alt parking

Follow the road northeast until you reach the edge of the brand. Scale the wall and jump over the fence at the top. Now you’re almost there, just make your way east and you should see the formation next to a Zephyrite building south of the local point of interest.
Waypoint chat code: [&BJMKAAA=]
Timegate: daily, per character

Tomb of the Primeval Kings – Chests

The tomb is located in the northeastern corner of Desert Highlands. Head east from Lommuld Kraal on your Raptor, swap to Springer when you hit the ogre fence near the tomb. There are several chests found inside.
Waypoint chat code: [&BGoKAAA=]
Timegate: daily, per character

tomb chest parking

Sanctum of Nabkha – Chests

Now this is slightly more difficult than the rest. You need a Jackal mount with which you have to complete a jumping puzzle on Crystal Oasis called the Sanctum of Nabkha. At the very end there are 3 chests that you can loot. Be careful not to pull the Djinn above!
Waypoint chat code: [&BJMKAAA=]
Timegate: daily, once per account

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