Guild Wars 2 Guide Library

An ever-expanding collecion of GW2 guides created for new and returning players.

gw2 new player guide

Leveling And New Player Tips

Just started playing Guild Wars 2 recently and could really use a few tips? In this guide you'll find everything from cheap XP boosters to easily accessible service hubs.

gw2 explained to wow players

GW2 Explained To WoW Players

Are you a former WoW player who's looking to get into GW2? Here you can find a brief summary of the game tailored to your current MMO knowledge.

Recommended gem store purchases for GW2

Recommended Gem Store Purchases

Must have items that make your journey in Tyria way smoother.

Making Gold With Account-Bound Currencies

Whether it's something as common as Karma or more niche like Geodes, in this guide we've compiled the best methods for turning account-bound GW2 currencies into gold.

GW2 Purchasing Help

This is for those who are looking to buy GW2 and don't know which version to buy. Here you can learn about expansions, Living Story, editions, official retailers and more.

GW2 Endgame Explained

Endgame In GW2

So you've hit 80, wondering what's next? Here you'll find tips for gearing, gold making, grabbing the right build and the types of endgame areas that await you at max.

gw2 alt park

Best Places To Park Alts

Do you have a lot of level 80 alts just gathering dust on the character selection screen? In this guide we'll show you how to make gold on unused characters with next to no effort.

Guild Wars 2 mechanics explained

Combat Mechanics Explained

All the combat essentials you need to know including downed state, buffs/debuffs, stealth, combos and more.

Guild Wars 2 PvP gear explained

PvP Gear Explained

In a lot of ways sPvP exists in a bubble, many of your prior knowledge of the game and its systems will no longer apply here. Click this to find out what happens to your gear in sPvP.

GW2 Addons

Recommended Addons

A collection of useful third party apps. Use them at your own risk!

GW2 storage guide

Storage Guide

Inventory management is a big part of every MMO, especially GW2. Shared slots, material tab, guild vault, wallet, wardrobe, what are these even? Well, let's find out!